Why Coir

Season Coir has versatile products for our customers— just like a nature-gifted product sent to you. We utilize the natural fibers of coconut to make products like sacks, floor mats, erosion nets, ropes, etc. Coir is a fiber-specific material we derive from the coconut husk. Coir has distinctive properties that set it apart from natural fibers, with characteristics like high durability, resistance, and resilience to saltwater damage and microbial attacks.

An Eco-sustainability Initiative

Coir is undoubtedly one of the most underutilized resources in Kerala. Coir has only been used to make floor mats and ropes and people were clueless of the potential coir had over their traditional applications. However, today coir is used in advanced products like geotextiles, vinyl-backed coir, molded mats, and many more. Coir is a great source of wealth you obtain from natural fiber.
Due to the mechanical durability, reliability, recyclability and disposability, the use of coir composites has gone up. Since many remain unaware of the advantages of coir-based products, we make efforts to make these products accessible in a market that has won the attention and trust of many customers in the potential market.
The whole world moves forward to chase the solutions against an increase in pollution and the destruction deforestation creates. The Coir industry offers a complete solution to sustainable development— we make a positive change in our customers’ minds by making the right strategy for eco-friendly and quality-oriented products.

Why Choose Us?

We convert the processed coconut husk and coconut fibres to make the best and adequate fibres that the production lines need. Also, the pellets make an amazing medium to let horticulture, tissue culture, greenhouse growing, seed and cutting propagation, etc. streamlined.

Organic Products

Who wouldn’t fall in love with products that are harmless to nature and humans alike? Our products undergo stringent quality check procedures and are manufactured with eco-friendly material that keeps you satisfied.

Customer Satisfaction

As a brand, we succeed in assuring premium quality to keep our customers’ trust growing. We take pride in offering green products with no compromise on the quality we have promised.

Quality as Priority

Our customer’s expectations are the key considerations that we work on to ensure we develop products in line with what they exactly need.


Our products come in 100% natural substrates and the goodness of coir, which means they are easily decomposable with no harm to the environment.


We know it’s not good to keep you waiting. With the experience gained over the years, we have built the customer’s trust through our timely delivery of products.

Sourcing the Best

There are many cheap alternatives in the market. But we stand out from the crowd– by sourcing the right raw materials and making production ethical, we keep our processes 100% true to what we speak.