Our Process

At Season Coir, we implement refined processes to ensure the coir products we manufacture meet the necessary steps so that they make the customers satisfied. Our manufacturing processes also make certain that we follow eco-friendly practices that save the environment while meeting customers’ expectations. We shape coir products with remarkable quality and keep customer satisfaction at a superior level. With advanced technologies and natural products, we focus on making a revolution in our daily lives making a sustainable future.

De-Husking Process1

The initial process involves the separation of edible fruit from the coconut husk. The husk becomes the base for the products. This process is called de-husking and takes many hits to separate both these parts.

Making Raw Coir2

After separating the husk, it is soaked in water to promote bacterial growth, which eats the coconut husk and leaves the raw coir behind.

Taking off Coir Fibers3

The raw coir is a blend of coir fibers and the coir pith. Coir Pith is coconut dust that you don’t use in coir mats but is used as mulch for fertilizers.

Loosening up Fibers4

The coir is kept in the machine to spin it in a powerful rotating drum. The steel bars inside beats the coir till it loosens up the fibers completely.

Separation of Fibers5

The loose coir fibers are moved to a slow-rotating drum. It separates the fibers based on their length. The fibers with moderate length go for coir mats, and the smallest fibers can be used to make mattresses or similar products. While the strongest fibers can make ropes.

Manufacturing the Coir Products6

The fibers spun on yarn further get woven to obtain geotextiles as required. The mid-length fibers are ideal to produce doormats, which are collected to move for the design process. These fibers are assembled in various patterns, sizes, and shapes.

Coir is organic, renewable, and highly sustainable. Many customers have turned to using coir-based products since they play a crucial role in establishing eco-sustainability. Coir is the best in terms of properties like moisture retention, drainage, neutral pH, and aeration. Coir fibers constitute at least one-third of the pulp of coconut. The remaining part is called coconut dust or pith, which is a biodegradable by-product of the process.
We have an expert team who constantly strive to produce and deliver fantastic quality in every product we make. We assure you that our products help in making first-grade coir products, mats, geotextiles, and other products to keep your expectations high.
We understand the increasing demand for eco-friendly products, especially in villas, homes, and commercial places. Since coir products are beautiful and eco-friendly at the same time, they contribute to the best aesthetic appeal of interiors and are useful for decoration purposes. Our coir products are accessible to you in various finishes, patterns, designs, and sizes, which we carefully develop to adhere to the detailed specifications of our valuable customers.