Our Milestones

Season Coir laid its foundation in 1980, in Alleppey, Kerala. Until 2016, we were mainly focused on the supply of quality-bound raw materials for various tufting units.

However, since 2016, we have started our own tufting unit, with an aim of incorporating an in-house unit with everything under one roof.

Unlike other competitors, Season Coir promises 100% quality backed by the capability of producing everything in-house.

Our company’s journey has made a steady flow of innovation, technology, client satisfaction, and organic growth, with quality as the key benchmark.

With the production unit, our own coir and fiber manufacturing process, and the entire supply chain management in our hands, we make sure that each stage of production till distribution has perfect supervision from the Season coir team.

We import the best PVC backings from Thailand, which guarantees the durability of the product we offer to our valued customers.

Since everything that ranges from manufacturing to delivery is in our hands, we take care of quality control right from the base.

We nurture a dedicated team that performs standard quality checks, which has already won numerous clients who believe in the products we deliver.