How We Are Different?

Season Coir is the leading coir manufacturing & exporting company in India, with a significant focus on the production of coir-based products for clients across the globe. Our initiative stands out for delivering dedicated services to customers while prioritizing trustworthiness and integrity.

Based in Chingoli in Alappuzha, the most beautiful part of Kerala famous for backwaters, we leverage the best out of the coconut trees and natural coir to give life to the most useful products. We continuously apply innovation in the products to work according to the evolving customer demands.
How do we keep up the trust of clients and persuade them for a long-lasting relationship with our brand? We adopt many strategies, which make us stand out from the crowd.

A Trusted Brand For Finest Coir Products!

In business since 1980| Coir products at the best prices

As Season Coir came into existence in 1970, we keep emerging every day with innovative uses of the coconut. From the ‘little coconut things’, we have transformed into a huge coco-based product manufacturer over the journey of 40+ years. We are now a self-brand for the export of coir products to prestigious clients at the best prices.
“Through advanced practices and management of work procedures, we implement customer satisfaction and keep evolving for necessary changes continuously.”
At Season Coir, we are committed to keeping the quality of the material up. Right from manufacturing the products to their selling, we evaluate the quality of materials sourced, packaging, supply, management, and the behavior of the team. We evolve through updating ourselves, transforming knowledge into skills, and producing goods that satisfy the needs of our customers.
“With methods that work against any possible health hazards, we ensure the employees have a 360-degree safe and secure working atmosphere.”
We are on a great mission to let our workforce have a healthy and secure working environment to keep them away from dangerous health concerns. We care so much about the customer’s health and use first-grade materials in the production house. We always remain careful to use organic material and reduce any harmful effects on you or the environment.
We recognize the importance of a business and understand that it faces challenges in progress. However,
we are deeply committed to offering value-oriented services which remain our major tradition of business excellence.
We emphasize the production of coir products in huge capacity and dedicated exports that are highly in demand. Our products are geared to cater to the specifications of the end customers.
We believe that our long years of expertise, knowledge, and specialization in coir, and advanced in-house production facilities remain the key strengths making our business streamlined and success-oriented. We also adopt a positive attitude and professional management while ensuring the business commitment gives you premium products, which is our hallmark.