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Season Coir

About Season Coir

The coir manufacturing industry has a long tale to say– it evolved hundred years ago in Alleppey on a factory basis, which produced matting, floor covers, and coir mats. Eventually, many companies began taking birth with the intention to export coir products from India.
Season Coir Exports was established in 1980, at the heart of Alleppey in Kerala, the land of Coconut Trees. The brand soon gained popularity among the coir exporters in Kerala as the best manufacturer of coir products, specializing in the export of coir and coir products from India. With expertise in manufacturing coco geotextiles, coir mats, coir yarn, coir pith, curled coir rope, and many other coir-based products, the company had made a remarkable position in Kerala Coir Industry.
The company also joins hands with organized companies that leverage innovation through novel products, engineering, designs, and techniques with a commitment to keep up the quality of products. We also believe in giving life to quality-centric products which makes us one of the top coir exporters in Alleppey.
Our team is backed by sincere and dedicated management/technical professionals, who continuously keep an eye for detail on the market trend dynamics, and changing customer preferences. The brand focuses on incorporating innovation across every segment of the supply chain, to develop the core competencies of the business.
There are plenty of coir products manufacturers in Kerala, however, we stand out in terms of quality, and the timely service that keeps our customers satisfied all the time. We make smart efforts to reach the top list of Coir manufacturers in Kerala.
Our emphasis relies on using natural things in everyday life that lets you develop a good bond with nature. We believe our 100% organic fiber products keep you happy and healthy, while contributing well to nature.
At Season Coir, we ensure we manufacture and export coir-based products at competitive rates. Our products have gained attention in India and abroad, and we evolve with a keen focus on delivering the quality-specific coir products to our clients and customers alike.

Our Vision

To take big steps in production, manufacturing, and exporting coir-based products, and lay a benchmark as the #1 coir exporter in India.

Our Mission

To focus on the quality of the coir products we make and maintain a remarkable position in clients’ hearts to retain them and expand the business further with more innovative products.

Our Values

Eco-Friendly Products

Coir is a completely natural product you get from a coconut husk, and it is 100% bio-degradable. We follow the wish of our customers to protect nature and reduce carbon emissions through the effective replacement of synthetic products. Our coir fiber products are environment friendly, and we strive hard to bring more innovative products across all verticals making it natural and pollution-free.

Assured Quality

We consider it a high priority to maintain quality in the products we build. At every stage of production and distribution, we ensure great quality that keeps the products up to expectations. We also introduce a series of products, that guarantees a total quality management process, under the strict monitoring of quality experts.

Modern Infrastructure

The products we manufacture adhere to the quality standards, all that we have achieved since years of sincere efforts to keep these standards up. Our modern infrastructure utilizes modern procedures and dedicated staff to meet the client’s requirements in time.